Tawni Violet Keeton:
Tawni is an Orange County based designer with over nine years experience in interior design. She began her design studies at George Fox University and went on to complete her studies at top-ranking FIDM in Los Angeles, CA, where she received a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. As a Certified Kitchen Designer with the NKBA, Tawni is knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of projects from start to finish. She offers universal and eco-friendly designs, and is an accomplished designer who can work with clients to design kitchens of every size and for every budget. Having an interest in the arts since a very young age, Tawni takes an innovative and artistic approach to her design projects. She strives to give clients something special that will reflect their personality and taste.

Louis Avina:
Louis is an Orange County based design and remodeling professional. Over the past 20 years Louis has honed his craft, emerging as a seasoned expert in the field of interior renovations.
Especially so with regards tile and stone products and installation, kitchen and bathroom layouts and designs.
Louis also manages a full fledged remodeling company with enough man power to make your project come to life.
Louis has numerous license classifications with the California State License Board as well as an impressive collection of articles, testimonials and accolades published in his favor.
"Customer service is key to the successes and longevity of my career"
Louis warmly invites you to speak with him regarding your upcoming projects.